Current Projects

FABCARB: Fermentation and behaviour of carbohydrates in the colon

This project aims to identify the underlying mechanisms of fermentation of different forms of RS in healthy and IBS patients groups, and to uncover key differences in RS fermentation between these two groups. This will contribute to a deeper understanding of the underlying causes of IBS and help inform improved dietary guidelines and treatment options for patients.


Multi-phasic NMR analysis of composite nanocellulose hydrogels as plant cell wall mimics


We aim to develop techniques for producing PCW mimics using Komagataeibacter xylinus, a bacterium that produces cellulose fibrils similar to those found in PCW, which has been used to form composites with other PCW components that can be used as models for PCW. These model systems, which can be embellished with in situ enzyme-generated glycans, will then be analysed by a combination of solid/gel phase and solution state NMR. We aim to identify the formation of hydrogels through interactions between cellulose and other non-cellulose polymers, profile the molecular mobility and structure of different polymer components, and identify interactions between polymers. We will then use simple model 13C labelled molecules, to probe interactions between PCW polymers and included molecules.


Novel NMR methods for starch chain mobility

Study of Starch Properties and Digestibility of Cereal Based Products

In colaboration with Mahasarakham University (Thailand)