Starch team members 
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Dr. Fred Warren

Group Leader

Starch structure analysis

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Dr. Jennifer Ahn-Jarvis

Postdoctoral researcher

Structure-functionality in food. Bioactives in food and clinical interventions

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Dr. Hannah Harris

Postdoctoral researcher

Carbohydrate fermentation in colon and microbiome. SCFA and FISH analysis

Dr. Wioleta Trzaszka

Postdoctoral researcher

Bioactive carbohydrates from microalgae feedstocks.

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Jennifer McClure

iCASE PhD student

Extruded starch protein blends and protein digestibility. Impact of food structure in highly processed foods on nutrient availability


Todor Koev

PhD student

Carbohydrate gels structure analysis. Stach-cellulose and hemi-cellulose composite structures analysed by high resolution NMR spectroscopy, DSC and rheology.

Kathrin Haider

PhD student

Dietary fibre functionality in the GI tract

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Molly Millar

PhD student

Starch degradation by Bifidobacteria.