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  • High molecular weight mixed-linkage glucan as a mechanical and hydration modulator of bacterial cellulose: characterisation by advanced NMR spectroscopy. JC Muñoz-Garcia, KR Corbin, H Hussain, V Gabrielli, T Koev, D Iuga, ...Biomacromolecules

  • Natural products for glycaemic control: Polyphenols as inhibitors of alpha-amylase L Sun, FJ Warren, MJ Gidley. Trends in Food Science & Technology

  • Kernel structure in breads reduces in vitro starch digestion rate and estimated glycaemic potency only at high grain inclusion rates SRV Akila, S Mishra, A Hardacre, L Matia-Merino, K Goh, F Warren, ...Food Structure 21, 100109

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  • The influence of starch structure and anthocyanin content on the digestibility of Thai pigmented rice J Ratseewo, FJ Warren, S Siriamornpun. Food Chemistry

  • A method for developing structure-rheology relationships in comminuted plant-based food and non-ideal soft particle suspensions. MW Boehm, FJ Warren, SK Baier, MJ Gidley, JR Stokes. Food Hydrocolloids

  • The role of thermostable proteinaceous α-amylase inhibitors in slowing starch digestion in pasta. W Zou, BL Schulz, X Tan, M Sissons, FJ Warren, MJ Gidley, RG Gilbert. Food Hydrocolloids 90, 241-247

  • Salivary α-Amylase Activity and Starch-Related Sweet Taste Perception in Humans. GK Aji, FJ Warren, E Roura. Chemical senses 44 (4), 249-256

  • A single-enzyme system for starch digestibility screening and its relevance to understanding and predicting the glycaemic index of food products. CH Edwards, N Cochetel, L Setterfield, N Perez-Moral, FJ Warren. Food & function 10 (8), 4751-4760

  • Starchy Foods: Human Nutrition and Public Health. CH Edwards, FJ Warren. Interdisciplinary Approaches to Food Digestion, 277-290


  • Ultra-high performance liquid chromatography-size exclusion chromatography (UPLC-SEC) as an efficient tool for the rapid and highly informative characterisation of biopolymers. N Perez-Moral, JM Plankeele, C Domoney, FJ Warren. Carbohydrate polymers 196, 422-426

  • Tea polyphenols enhance binding of porcine pancreatic α-amylase with starch granules but reduce catalytic activityL Sun, MJ Gidley, FJ Warren. Food chemistry 258, 164-173

  • Food Starch Structure Impacts Gut Microbiome CompositionFJ Warren, NM Fukuma, D Mikkelsen, BM Flanagan, BA Williams, ...mSphere 3 (3), e00086-18

  • Soluble polysaccharides reduce binding and inhibitory activity of tea polyphenols against porcine pancreatic α-amylaseL Sun, FJ Warren, MJ GidleyFood Hydrocolloids 79, 63-70

  • A comparison of the kinetics of in vitro starch digestion in smooth and wrinkled peas by porcine pancreatic alpha-amylase CH Edwards, M Maillot, R Parker, FJ Warren. Food Chemistry 244, 386-393

  • Corrigendum to" Interactions between polyphenols in thinned young apples and porcine pancreatic α-amylase: Inhibition, detailed kinetics and fluorescence quenching"[Food Chem …] L Sun, W Chen, Y Meng, X Yang, L Yuan, Y Guo, FJ Warren, MJ Gidley. Food chemistry 243, 468

  • Soil organic carbon stabilization: Mapping carbon speciation from intact microaggregatesM Hernandez-Soriano, R Dalal, FJ Warren, P Wang, K Green, MJ Tobin, ...Environmental Science & Technology









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